FGTS: Withdrawal averages R$ 787 in 2021; see the calendar

O birthday loot of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) is a modality that allows the adherent worker to redeem part of the fund’s balance every year in the month of his/her birthday.

This year, the average value of transfers is R$787.01. So far, about 10.2 million citizens have withdrawn their benefit in the modality, totaling approximately R$ 8.1 billion in resources. By the end of 2021, the federal government estimates that withdrawals will reach R$12 billion.

Accounting for redemptions made in all types of withdrawals from the FGTS provided for by law, 26 million withdrawals have already been made by the 17th of August, equivalent to R$ 66 billion.

FGTS birthday withdrawal value

The amount transferred to the employee annually in the withdrawal-birthday is proportional to the range of balance accumulated in their accounts in the fund. In addition, in some situations the worker can still receive an increase. Check the table:

Balance ranges in R$withdrawal percentageadditional installment
Up to BRL 500.0050%_
From BRL 500.01 to BRL 1,000.0040%BRL 50
From BRL 1,000.01 to BRL 5,000.0030%BRL 150
BRL 5,000.01 to BRL 10,000.0020%BRL 650
BRL 10,000.01 to BRL 15,000.0015%BRL 1,150
BRL 15,000.01 to BRL 20,000.0010%BRL 1,900
Above 20,000.015%BRL 2,900

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FGTS withdrawal-birthday calendar

Currently, they can withdraw part of the FGTS workers who joined the modality and were born in June, July and August. This is because the withdrawal is authorized in the month of the citizen’s birthday and is available until the last day of the following month, that is, the withdrawal can be carried out in up to three months considering the release. See this year’s calendar.

anniversary monthStart of serviceend of serve
JanuaryJanuary 4, 2021March 31, 2021
FebruaryFebruary 1, 2021April 30, 2021
MarchMarch 1, 2021May 31, 2021
AprilApril 1, 2021June 30, 2021
MayMay 3, 2021July 30, 2021
JuneJune 1, 2021August 31, 2021
JulyJuly 1, 2021September 30, 2021
AugustAugust 2, 2021October 29, 2021
SeptemberSeptember 1, 2021November 30, 2021
OctoberOctober 1, 2021December 31, 2021
NovemberNovember 1, 2021January 31, 2022
DecemberDecember 1, 2021February 28, 2022

However, it is noteworthy that if the worker who does not withdraw the money within the due period will have the amount returned to the linked account of the FGTS.

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