Fluminense Announces Balance Sheet with R$ 13 million in Surplus and R$ 45 Million in Total Debt Reduction | Rio de Janeiro

O Fluminense released this week, on the transparency portal on its official website, the balance sheet with the club’s accounts for the second quarter of 2021. After the loss of R$ 6,476,307.00 between January and March, the Tricolor came out of the deficit for a surplus of R$ 13,400,318 in the result from April to June. And the liability, which involves the club’s total debt, reduced from R$774,192,912.00 to R$728,704,330.

The positive result is due to the substantial growth in net operating revenue, which almost tripled compared to the first quarter of 2021: it jumped from R$ 51,562,996.00 to R$ 130,150,139.00, boosted by four large increases: player sales , sponsorships, awards and broadcasting rights.

With the sales of Kayky and Metinho to Manchester City, from England, and Troyes, from France, respectively, Fluminense has already received R$ 36,144,041.00, an item that represents the biggest growth compared to only R$ 725 thousand in transfers. of federative rights in the first quarter of 2021. And with the long-lasting participations in the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil, the awards doubled: from R$ 16,932,520.00 to R$ 33,296,776.00.

Second quarter of 2021 closed with a surplus of R$ 13.4 million — Photo: Disclosure

With master sponsorship since June, the club also increased marketing revenues from R$3,174,442.00 to R$9,251,724. And the transmission rights increased from R$29,974,548.00 to R$47,626,342.00. In addition, the revenue of the partner-fan started to grow even though there was still no public in the stadiums: it rose from R$ 2,282,622.00 to R$ 4,402,701.00 and approached the R$ 5,462,325.00 in the second quarter last year, still in the beginning of the pandemic.

On the other hand, operating expenses, which involve, among other things, salaries and charges (with the classification for Libertadores, Fluminense increased the payroll by approximately 30%), travel logistics and gaming costs, jumped from R$ 54,096,402.00 to BRL 116,859,317.00.

Professional football and head office turned a profit, and Xerém and Olympic sports, a loss — Photo: Disclosure

From all areas of the club, only professional football and the head office generated profits of R$18,950,077.00 and R$29,703.00, respectively. Xerém increased the deficit from BRL 751,480 in the first quarter of 2021 to BRL 1,088,935.00, and Olympic sports practically doubled the loss from BRL 2,481,034 from January to March to BRL 4,490,526 .00 from April to June.

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