Former player accused by Eduardo Costa of defaulting gets furious and reacts

Eduardo Costa
Fábio Júnior Pereira commented on controversy involving Eduardo Costa (Image: Reproduction – Globo – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Sports commentator for Globo Minas, the former soccer player Fabio Júnior Pereira is involved in controversy. The famous has been accused of giving a supposed “default” after buying a mansion in Eduardo Costa.

In court, the singer asks for R$ 1 million in fine and the termination of a contract for the sale of a property in the Bandeirantes neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte, valued at R$ 10 million.

To Splash, the former athlete revealed that he was taken by surprise by the news. Fábio Jr, who has worked for clubs such as Cruzeiro, Palmeiras, Roma and Atlético Mineiro, has not yet been named in the process, and for that reason he did not have to present a defense.

The commentator also stated that he never got to “step on the property” and that he had made a dissolution “by mouth and informal” with Eduardo Costa.

“I had the intention to buy the property, signed the contract, and then my lawyers warned me that there were some clauses that were not good, and also that the property could have problems in court”, he declared.

The former player also stated: “I signed without being aware of it, and we talked to make an informal disagreement. I thought everything was fine. If I had made a formal dissolution, in court, I would not be going through that”.

He also reaffirmed that he does not understand why his name ended up in court as a “deadbeat”: “It’s very strong to say that, right? Call a deadbeat. I was taken by surprise with this news of the process, I thought everything was fine”.

Fábio Jr assured that he does not intend to wait for the Court to mention him in the process. He said he will have a direct conversation with the countryman: “I will directly try to understand what happened, and what can be done to resolve it. That’s what needs to happen now.”

The information about the existence of the process was confirmed to UOL by Eduardo Costa: “The process really exists, it was a negotiation started with a signed contract and one of the parties did not fulfill its obligations, so it was triggered”.

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