Former waiter accused of setting up financial pyramid planned to leave the country the day he was arrested, says PF

Arrested last Wednesday on charges of organizing a financial pyramid scheme, 38-year-old Glaidson Acácio dos Santos planned to leave Brazil on the same date he was captured by the Federal Police (PF). The information is contained in the investigation report, obtained by EXTRA. For the police, an intercepted call with authorization from the Court is proof that the former waiter, who until 2014 served tables in Região dos Lagos, intended to flee.

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The phone call took place last Monday afternoon, August 23, at 2:30 pm. In the dialogue, Michael de Souza Magno, appointed by the PF as an important financial operator in the scheme set up by Glaidson, talks with a man not identified by the investigators. “Because he already knew he had to get out of the country fast,” the interlocutor says to Michael, referring, according to the PF, to the former waiter. A little later, Michael himself says: “I should have left, man, to ‘be’ far away from here. Then it stays in Rio, it keeps going on a review, it keeps going I don’t know where, it’s going to the party”.

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In another excerpt, the two cite the fact that Glaidson would only have the civil ID as a document, while awaiting the issuance of a passport with an American visa. The unidentified man then states that he would give the following guidelines to the entrepreneur: “What do you have to do? A hundred countries that are ‘in’ Mercosur, that you ‘re’ only with your identity, then. Get your identity and it leaks from here to there. When your passport comes out, you send your pilot to fetch your passport.’

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In the report, the investigators write that the link “clarifies the movement of the criminal organization towards the flight of Glaidson dos Santos, possibly next Wednesday (08/25/2021), passing through Mercosur countries, considering that the investigated is awaiting the release of his passport with the American visa”. The police also allege that the decision to leave Brazil came after the program “Fantástico”, on Rede Globo, aired reports that quoted the former waiter, on August 15th and 22nd.

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The concern of the PF and the Federal Public Ministry about a possible escape was such that the arrest warrants, signed by the Attorney of the Republic Douglas Santos Araújo and by the federal delegate Guilhermo de Paula Machado Catramby, were sent to the 3rd Federal Criminal Court at 8:56 am August 24, less than 24 hours after the intercepted conversation. That same night, the court issued the warrants, allowing Operation Kryptos to be launched the next morning.

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Glaidson’s lawyers deny that he had any intention of fleeing the country for good. According to the businessman’s defense, he would travel to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, where there would be a kind of congress of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, the former waiter’s company that promised exorbitant returns through investment in cryptocurrencies. The event abroad would bring together partners, consultants and family members in an all-inclusive luxury resort. The activities would start on August 25th, the date of the arrest, and would go on until August 31st.

Poster announces GAS Consultoria Bitcoin event
Poster announces event of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin Photo: Reproduction

“The judge maintained preventive detention, although I presented all the documentation proving that there was no intention of escape. (There were) Round trip tickets with a scheduled date, reservation at a resort with check-in and check-out – said lawyer Thiago Minage, who defends Glaidson, adding that he will file a request for habeas corpus in the Federal Regional Court ( TRF).

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The possibility that the businessman would leave Brazil together with dozens of other people linked to GAS, in fact, was a matter of concern for Michael in the call monitored by the agents. “It’s already calling attention, it has to go ‘OFF’, it can’t go with everyone, with a dog. With a parakeet and a parrot. Got it? He can’t, damn it,” complains the operator to the other man , who agrees.

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The PF report also highlights the situation of Venezuelan Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa, Glaidson’s wife, who also had her arrest decreed by the Justice, but is at large. According to investigators, she took a flight from Cabo Frio to Rio de Janeiro “under tight security” on 23 June.

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After a week in the couple’s apartment in Barra da Tijuca, Mirelis left on June 30, heading for Mexico. Then he left for Miami, using a student visa. And there it remained. Thiago Minage, Glaidson’s lawyer, also denies that the client’s wife fled the country. According to the defender, she just traveled to the United States, and from there she would meet her husband in the Caribbean.

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The location of the ex-waiter’s wife also became the topic of the intercepted conversation. “So we are in a situation where the best thing is for him to step foot ‘pros’ United States and stay there, disappear, stay there quietly with Mirelis” said the unidentified man to Michael on the call. In a note, the GAS advisory reported that Glaidson believes that “everything will be cleared up”.