Fortnite launches new “Imposters” mode for up to 10 player play

The Fortnite game received an update last week, Tuesday (17th). Now the game has a new mode called “Impostors”. The style of the modality follows the line of the Among Us game and it is possible to play with up to 10 participants. Eight will be agents who must protect a specific location, while the other two are imposters.

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More than that, the novelty is also connected to the game’s history. The scenario parallels the Imaginary Order. In addition to making reference to the betrayal of Agent Jones and other members of the corporation.

It is noteworthy that Fortnite is one of the most famous Battle Royale style games by Epic Games. It is available for free download on PC, PlayStation (4 and 5) and Xbox (Series X/S and One). You can also play it on Nintendo Switch and Android phones.

More details

In the new game mode, agents must protect the supply locations of the Bridge of Imaginary Order. To do this, players need to complete various missions and tasks within the script.

Of course, all of this must be done while the battles over who the imposter is going on. If one partner is taken down, the entire team must be brought in to decide who is the faker.

Meanwhile, the imposters’ goal is much simpler. It is necessary to eliminate a certain number of agents and make it possible to take the Bridge. Thus, imposters can disable quests, teleport players and leave other players Fumbled.

To play

If you’re interested in trying out the new way to play Fortnite, the procedure is pretty easy. Just create a custom room with your friends.

Click on the “Private” button and build groups of at least four participants. Therefore, it should be noted that groups that have up to seven players will have only one imposter. For groups that have between eight and 10 people, the game allows two imposters.

According to game reviews, groups with 10 players are the ones with the best gameplay.