Giuliano believes that good performances for Corinthians can bring him back Seleo

Midfielder Giuliano commented on Friday about his desire to return to the Brazilian team. The player highlighted the importance of maintaining his good performance with the Corinthians shirt to be remembered in Tite’s calls.

“As soon as I perform well here, I think I have a good chance of coming back. Tite already knows me, was one of the coaches who launched me at Internacional, so it’s a positive factor. He was the one who took me to the Selection, he knows what I can do. If it happens, it will depend on what I do at Corinthians. He won’t call me if the performance isn’t good. My idea is to do my best at Corinthians and, if possible, return to the national team,” said Giuliano, in an interview with Bandeirantes TV.

Announced in July as Timon’s first reinforcement of the season, the midfielder collected calls between 2016 and 2018, when he played for Zenit and Fenerbahçe, in the period leading up to the World Cup in Russia. For the World Cup, however, he was left out of the list.

At 31, Giuliano returns to Brazilian football with the dream of wearing the hopscotch one more time. The choice for Corinthians may facilitate this desire, as the club is often seen as a “shorter” of paths for those who want to reach the national team. Even after the start cheering with the alvinegra shirt, the midfielder recognizes the long path that still needs to be covered.

“I’m very well resolved with that. I know how to separate things. I know when I play well or badly. If I get the praise, it will influence. Just as if I, when criticized, accept the criticism, I can’t get over it .So I am very well resolved. My presentation is not savior of the homeland. I managed to help out of midfield, for example. But there is no Giuliano alone to solve, the strength of the group that is making the team grow. They gained confidence with me, but up front Adson and Jô are doing well, so the performance increased,” concluded Giuliano.

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