Globo defines interpreters of Larissa Manoela’s parents in Além da Ilusão

Little by little, Globo has been advancing with the resumption of the work of beyond the illusion, novel by Alessandra Poggi that will replace in the times of the emperor at 6pm. In recent days, the direction of the plot has defined the actors who will play the parents of the sisters played by Larissa Manoela in history.

According to the column by Patrícia Kogut in the O Globo press, the roles will be up to Antonio Calloni and malu galli. At first, Cláudia Raia and Dan Stulbach were chosen to live with the couple, but they ended up leaving the project because of the several delays it suffered due to the pandemic.

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The two characters will suffer with the death of their eldest daughter, Isabela (Larissa Manoela), and will also see their youngest, Isadora (Larissa Manoela), become involved years later with her supposed murderer, Davi (Rafael Vitti). This, however, will not be the only conflict of the pair, which will also experience a marital crisis.

That’s because Isabela and Isadora’s mother will end up cheating on her husband with a partner, played by Marcello Novaes. Initially, this character would be played by Thiago Lacerda, who also ended up being left out of the cast.

beyond the illusion will mark the debut of Larissa Manoela in Globo’s dramaturgy, after eight years at SBT. Also confirmed to act in the plot are names like Paloma Duarte, Danilo Mesquita, Alexandra Richter, Paulo Betti, Gaby Amarantos, Cláudio Gabriel and Lima Duarte.