Gobbi says that the partner did not respect him and criticizes the current administration. Duilio rebate – Blog do Perrone

Hurt with the partners and decided not to be a candidate for the Corinthians presidency. This is how Mário Gobbi Filho can be described nine months after taking third place in the last presidential election in Parque São Jorge, disputed by three candidates.

In an interview on the blog, the former president vented and criticized the current administration, led by Duilio Monteiro Alves, who rebutted the criticisms. The current commander alvinegro cited judicial blockages in the club’s accounts caused by processes related to the administration of the former president, according to him.

Gobbi also described a scenario in which many members are more interested in personal benefits than in the club’s shaky financial situation.

“I was champion of São Paulo, the Libertadores and Mundial and I had no respect from the associate,” said the former leader, referring to the result of the last election. In addition to Duilio, he was behind Augusto Melo.

Gobbi, who also saw the club win the Recopa Sudamericana and Copa São Paulo during his administration, understands that the results of the polls showed that issues considered vital to the club by him were ignored by most members. Themes involving modalities such as shuttlecock and bocce ball were more valued by most voters, according to the defeated candidate.

“I tried to do a technical management, but nobody wants the finances resolved. The guy wants the policy, the partner wants the benefits, he thinks about the small things. I wasn’t raised for that, I don’t have the cradle for that, I’m not good for that. So, Corinthians follows,” said Gobbi.


Then the former president spoke of his sadness. “It seems that we are a hindrance, I feel very sad. I was supposed to take over the management and start a firm job, cutting expenses, something that takes time. With professionalization in all areas. The partner must be satisfied. With all this my résumé, the partners spoke what they think of Gobbi,” said the former director.

The marks left by the last election on the former member of Renovação e Transparência, a group of Andrés and Duilio, seem irreversible. So much so that he assures that he will not run for president again.

“The partners want other presidents, they deserve others and they will have others,” said Gobbi.

This does not mean that he will be absent from alvinegra political life. “The omission gives us repugnance. I can’t omit myself. I won’t be the protagonist, but I’ll support whoever deserves it, I know very well who’s who at the club,” he said.


A member of the Cori (Orientation Council) for having held the presidential seat, he has not participated in the online meetings of the body. He says he is tired of political decisions, not technical ones. “Why am I going to waste my time [votando tecnicamente] and losing 16 to 2?” he said.

Gobbi criticizes the current administration. According to him, there was no cut in expenses that the club needs, and the surplus of R$394,000 in the first half, prominently announced on the club’s website, does not correspond to reality.

“They fail to collect FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Employees) and pay taxes and show a surplus. So, this surplus is not real. It explodes ahead. That’s how they manage the club,” he argued. He also stated that there is a lack of professionalization in all areas.

Duilio rebate

Sought through Corinthians’ press office, Duilio replied that he disagrees with Gobbi’s statements and even cited the former director’s management in justifying Alvinegro’s current financial situation. Below, check out Duilio’s response in full:

“I don’t agree with the statements made by the past president. All obligations of the club are recognized in the accounts on an accrual basis, regardless of whether they are paid or not.

We are in fact experiencing delays in payments due to our cash flow difficulties, revenue losses arising from the pandemic (ex: Fiel Torcedor) and frequent legal blockages, including lawsuits related to the 2012-2014 management, for which Gobbi was responsible.

Today we have highly qualified professionals in all key positions in the club and we have the support of renowned consulting companies Falconi and KPMG. These measures generated important cost savings and allowed for the generation of new revenues. Finally, our balance sheets are available on the Corinthians website for public consultation.”