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For PC gaming, a good and inexpensive gaming keyboard is an essential setup item for many people. Anti-ghosting technology, lighting, material quality and hotkeys are some of the features that can make the experience with this peripheral more pleasant and positively impact gameplay. To have access to the best qualities without spending so much, check out a list of the most cost-effective keyboards for those who want to perfect their peripherals and still save money.

Gamer Keyboard — Photo: Getty Images

A good gaming keyboard can guarantee the player hours of gaming without discomfort, guarantee more accuracy, improve responsiveness and have a longer lifespan. Companies like Multilaser, Fortrek, Logitech and HP are some of the brands that offer good options for this peripheral that fit in your pocket.

Multilaser Warrior TC196 — Photo: Reproduction

One of the most popular gaming keyboards is the Multilaser TC196. Semi-mechanical in type, it promises quick responses and a tactile feel identical to that of a professional mechanical keyboard. With adjustable LED lighting, the keyboard offers 3 colors to choose the one that best suits your style: red, blue and purple. It also features anti-ghosting technology on the main command keys and steel chassis, which reinforces the structure and aids in performance.

+ Buy the TC196 Multilaser Gamer Keyboard

  • Pros: Steel chassis; ABNT2; anti-ghosting
  • Cons: Anti-ghosting is limited; few color options in lighting

GPRO K7 Rainbow Fortrek — Photo: Reproduction

GPRO K7 Rainbow Fortrek is a Brazilian standard mechanical keyboard (ABNT2) with 22 lighting effects. It has three programmable keys and a rotary knob for multimedia system control. It also has a wrist support that offers a lot of comfort and practicality.

+ Buy Fortrek GPRO K7 Gamer Keyboard

  • Pros: ABNT2, 22 lighting effects
  • Cons: Functions, multimedia keys and configuration software do not work on MAC

C3 Tech KG-50BK — Photo: Reproduction

Simpler and much cheaper, the C3 Tech KG-50BK has an internal lighting system, ABNT2 pattern layout and 19-key anti-ghosting. Also featuring multimedia keys, the keyboard is resistant to small liquid spills.

+ Buy Gamer Keyboard C3 Tech KG-50BK

  • Pros: ABNT2; anti-ghosting
  • Cons: Fixed lighting

Warrior TC222 Ragnar — Photo: Reproduction

The Gamer Warrior Ragnar Keyboard features beautiful metal construction, plus a modern styling and bold design. Features high quality “silicone dome” switch, 19 anti-ghosting keys and 3 color options for LED lighting, which can be controlled by a specific key. The keyboard, which still has multimedia keys.

+ Buy the Gamer Warrior TC222 Ragnar Keyboard

  • Pros: Anti-ghosting
  • Cons: Few color options in lighting

Redragon Kumara K552-2 — Photo: Reproduction

The Redragon Kumara K552-2 Mechanical Keyboard features robust metal and ABS plastic construction for added durability, as well as a compact size, making it ideal to carry in your backpack with your notebook. Soft, it is sold with switch variations and can be found with Outemu DIY Switch in Black, Blue, Brown and Red versions. It also has 12 multimedia keys, 100% anti-Ghosting system and unique color lighting , with only intensity control.

+ Buy Redragon Kumara K552-2 Gamer Keyboard

  • Pros: Anti-ghosting on all keys; ABNT2 with Standard Double Injection keys
  • Cons: No numeric keypad

Logitech G213 Prodigy — Photo: Reproduction

The Logitech G213 Prodigy is a membrane-style keyboard that promises to deliver a high-end experience with high tactile response and quality similar to that of mechanical keyboards. It has customizable RGB lighting, multimedia keys and anti-ghosting function. Its main highlight, however, is its greater resistance to splashes.

+ Buy Logitech G213 Prodigy Gamer Keyboard

  • Pros: Greater splash resistance; anti-ghosting
  • Cons: More expensive

OEX Action TC200 — Photo: Reproduction

The OEX Action TC200 is very cheap. With ABNT2 standard, the keyboard, in addition to being resistant and durable (twisted cable) highlights the most important keys during gameplay. It also has multimedia keys and 16 shortcut keys.

+ Buy OEX Action TC200 Gamer Keyboard

  • Pros: Very cheap
  • Cons: Simplest keyboard

HP K500F — Photo: Reproduction

With a more modern and unobtrusive design, the HP K500F Membrane Keyboard features a rigid plastic casing and rust-resistant metal panel and small grooves, Multi-color lighting and multimedia keys. Made in Brazil, it has the ABNT2 standard, which makes it easy to use for writing texts. The keyboard backlight is rainbow, but its keys are not hollow, keeping the light only around the keys.

+ Buy the HP K500F Gamer Keyboard

  • Pros: Rigid plastic frame and sturdy metal panel; ABNT2
  • Cons: Keys are not leaked