Hospital Unimed Noroeste Oncology Center has new technologies and will reinforce campaigns – RPI

August 27, 2021

08/27/2021 l 15:23
Jonas Vieira
08/27/2021 l 15:23

The H Oncology CenterUnimed Northwest/RS hospital, in Ijuí, opened last night, it will also focus efforts on the prevention and diagnosis of cancer. The treatment of people with the disease now has new technologies. Including, the institution too go focus efforts on clinical research, in order to provides opportunitiesr advanced therapeutic features.

More than 2 million and 100 thousand reais in the expansion of the oncology service that already existed in the nursing home. During an interview this morning at RPI, the technical coordinator of the Oncology Center at Hospital Unimed Noroeste, physician Fábio Franke, also highlighted the participation of a multidisciplinary team, with psychologists, nutritionists and other professionals who help in the treatment of people with tumors.

Franke also commented that there will be campaigns to alert the population about the incidence of cancer and prevention measures. The physical structure includes, for example, three offices, an emergency room, living room to host and area for drug preparation. In the environment for the application of chemotherapy, 15 electric reclining chairs are arranged in individual boxes. THEare on Unimed Hospital Oncology Center, in Ijuí, five oncologists, two cancer surgeons and one hematologist.

Source: Radio Progresso de Ijuí