How to fit Diego Costa in Atlético-MG? Hulk hints to Cuca to play second striker | athletic-mg

Coach Cuca won that good old “headache” at Atlético-MG. Upon the arrival of Diego Costa, he gained a center forward with a more physical profile, with an area presence. A role he doesn’t have in the tactical scheme, with Hulk occupying one of the spots in the attack. How to fit the two together? Shirt 7 talked about the topic.

Rooster’s top scorer and main waiter this season, Hulk is the greatest individual highlight of the team. The player is sure to be present in this Sunday’s match, at 20:30, against Bragantino, in São Paulo, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship. Diego Costa was also related to the game and should make his debut on the field for Galo.

In an interview with the SporTV team, Hulk was asked how the duo with Diego Costa will be. The striker, naturalized Spanish, can stay as a pivot, and Hulk looser, with chances to score and acting in front of the goalkeeper, in the role of second striker.

– That’s Cuca who’s going to climb. I’m sure he has something in mind, he’s smart for it. And you already have an idea for Diego’s arrival. I like to play more as a second striker rather than a first striker, bumping into defenders, backwards. Diego can stay up front, and I can be the second striker. I scored like that, starting from behind, tackling Sasha – he said.

A guy used to big games, big competitions. I’m sure he comes to add. (Hulk, on Diego Costa)

Diego Costa and Hulk at Atlético training — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Currently, Atlético comes with a 4-3-3 scheme, with Savarino on the attacking right, Hulk on the inside, and Vargas on the left. It was like that in recent games. However, there are always variations. Cuca has already used a scheme with two attackers and four midfielders.

One possibility of plotting the Galo of the future, with two international football stars in charge of attacking, is to project Diego Costa as a more fixed center forward, Hulk as second striker on the left, Savarino wide open on the right, Nacho floating behind the two strikers, and a more open corridor for Guilherme Arana to “mirror” the Venezuelan on the left side.

One of Rooster’s schemes with Hulk and Diego Costa — Photo: ge

In a much more offensive scheme, Cuca can put Zaracho as a more defensive midfielder, keeping the Hulk-Diego Costa-Nacho-Savarino quartet. Or, the Venezuelan could be left without a spot in the starting lineup, with a more supportive left side, with Zaracho in this region, and Hulk as the second striker going from the right to the center.

There is no lack of alternatives, with the size of the range that the Galo coach will have at hand. Using a three-back scheme, with Alonso on the left freed Arana, Réver as central, and Nathan Silva on the right cover, and Savarino in a kind of wing, is a plausible alternative, with Allan at the head of the area, Zaracho more retreated and Nacho “loose” in the frame.