‘I have to screw myself to survive’, vents Dany Bananinha | TV & Soap Operas

Dany Bananinha vents about life's difficulties

Dany Bananinha vents about life’s difficulties

The stage assistant Dany Bananinha opened her heart this Friday (27th) and vented about her life on her social networks.

In her Instagram stories, she said: “I’m thinking and asking God that in the next life I have someone to tell and so I don’t have to worry so much about things, with whom I have to share everything like this, breathe calmly like this , ‘I’m safe because I can count on so-and-so’. Because, man, since I understand myself for people, I have to screw myself, to survive. Now I have to keep screwing myself because I have a daughter to raise, but I’ll bravely fight and win as I always did. But it must be very good to have someone to count on. If you have, you value it because gratitude is a very beautiful thing.”

“You kill yourself, do all the best and do the best for people to treat you as if it were no more than an obligation? It’s not like that! It’s good to live with grateful people who recognize your effort, who show affection for your effort. Be grateful to anyone who helps you in life, who is on your side giving you strength, praising you, lifting you up, pushing you forward. Be very grateful! This is something I will teach my daughter a lot, to value the smallest things. People these days are very ungrateful, very. It’s surreal. As Anitta said: ‘Woe is me if it wasn’t me’. In this I’m already losing hope, but I’ll keep fighting bravely and close with golden key”, he completed.

According to the website Quem, the blonde denied having separated from Pedro Koellreutter, father of her daughter Lara. “No, I didn’t,” he replied.