Ibaneis will ask the Ministry of Health to exchange Coronavac doses for Pfizer vaccines

Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) said this Friday (27/8) that he will ask the Ministry of Health to exchange Coronavac doses for Pfizer vaccines. The reason is to streamline the vaccination of the public under the age of 17, who can only receive the American brand’s immunizing agent.

“We need to streamline the campaign. The Ministry of Health sent more than 30,000 doses of Coronavac. But Coronavac cannot be applied to the audience we are in now. I’m negotiating with the minister to exchange doses of Coronavac for Pfizer so that we can move forward in vaccinating the public under 17 years old. I don’t have anyone to apply Coronavac to,” said Ibaneis.

The information was given in a press interview, which introduced the new Health Secretary of the Federal District, Manoel Luiz Narvaz Pafiadache, retired Brazilian Army general.

The governor also stated that the vaccination campaign will not change with the arrival of the new head of ministry, and that in addition to focusing on the pandemic and the challenges that Covid-19 still brings, “the time has come to renew and solve the problems ” of the area.

“All these axes will have to be worked on so that we can pass on the credibility of the public health system in the Federal District. It’s time for us to renew and solve the problems. Without losing the focus of the Covid-19 pandemic. We still have to be very careful with what can happen in relation to Covid-19”, concluded.

booster dose

In order not to impact the immunization of the public under 17, the governor explained that he intends to apply the 3rd dose to people over 70, after immunizing adolescents with D1.

“I said that I will only start vaccinating with the third dose, when I vaccinate my entire audience with the first dose. Our teenagers from 12 to 17 years old are still missing. I want to vaccinate everyone so that I can start with the 3rd dose later”, he clarified.

The Ministry of Health will make the vaccines available for the booster on September 15th.