Igor Cotrim returns to Record TV as the violent Simeão in Genesis – Genesis

Actor Igor Cotrim returns to Record TV as Simeão, second son of Israel (Petrônio Gontijo) and Lia (Ingra Lyberato), in the last phase of the telenovela Genesis. Explosive and violent, the character, who is jealous of his brother José (Juliano Laham), will take actions that will cause sadness in the whole family.

“He feels discomfort awakening and it grows like anger, because the father [na visão do personagem] is not respecting the birthright [de Rúben]. I have exchanged a lot with Petrônio Gontijo. He’s a sweetheart, a great actor. The work is very nice”, he said.

In an interview with official site, Igor commented on the biggest challenge in the process of building the character:

“That thought is too straight for one thing, like, for example, believing so vehemently in the birthright, and not having flexibility. He is the most violent of the brothers and ends up being the most swayable and unstable. I tried to give him a fragility. for Simeão. I think I managed to give it greater depth,” he said.

For Igor Cotrim, the new character marks a phase of personal maturation. The actor said what the public can expect from this work:

“A very strong delivery and joy. I have beautiful support. You can expect a more mature Igor. I have a lot of love and passion for my work. I’m very happy because this feeling impresses”, he commented.

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