is it worth investing for the kids?

Your child is born, then you start saving money for his future. Can Tesouro Direto be an option for the long term? In Chat with Specialist, weekly and live program of UOL, economist César Esperandio said that it may indeed be a good option, but it is necessary to create a strategy.

Understand below which strategy to use and watch the program excerpt. The Chat with Specialist is an exclusive investment queries for subscribers and is broadcast every Thursday at 3 pm.

Diversification strategy at Tesouro Direto

Esperandio said that the three asset classes of Tesouro Direto (Selic Treasury, Prefixed Treasury and IPCA Treasury) are considered the safest investments in the country.

“But of course you can invest in other places, with higher returns. You always can. But I can’t say that investing in Tesouro Direto is something reckless,” said he, who is also a member of the Econoweek channel.

In the live, he showed where to invest among Treasury Direct bonds:

  • Selic Treasure: suitable for emergency booking as you can redeem at any time;
  • IPCA Treasury: pays inflation plus a bonus;
  • Prefixed Treasure: pays a combined yield (you find bonds that pay yields above 10% per year)

“It is worth diversifying in these strategies,” he stated. And that goes for both your investments and your children’s future.

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