Jair Renan and ex-wife of Bolsonaro move to a mansion for R$ 3.2 million

Jair Renan, President Jair Bolsonaro’s son ’04’ (no party) and his mother, lawyer Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle, moved in June to a mansion valued at R$3.2 million in Brasília.

The luxury property is located in Lago Sul, one of the noblest and most valued areas of the federal capital.

 jair renan

Credit: Reproduction/Social MediaJair Renan, ’04’, and his mother, Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle; beside the photo of the mansion on the South Lake

According to a report by Juliana Dal Piva and Eduardo Militao, from UOL, the rent of the house is estimated at at least R$ 14 thousand per month. However, Bolsonaro’s ex-wife claims to pay R$8,000.

As with everything else involving the Bolsonaro clan, the change is, to say the least, strange.

Ana Cristina works in the office of federal deputy Celina Leão (Progressistas-DF), where she receives R$ 8,100 gross.

The owner of the house where “04” and his mother are living is registered in the name of realtor Geraldo Antônio Machado, who says he has been working in the Federal District market for 13 years.

Geraldo lives in a condominium in Vicente Pires, a middle class administrative region in the Federal District, about 30 km from Lago Sul.

“I was going to move there [casa do Lago Sul], but unfortunately the person declined from my business here [casa onde vive]. I unfortunately had to rent. It’s a dream to live on the lake [Sul] huh. It is well located”, said Geraldo, when explaining the reason for renting the house, to UOL.

Ana Cristina Valle is investigated in the case of cracks in the office of Flávio Bolsonaro, when he was a deputy at Alerj. She recently stated that she wants to run for a position as a deputy with the last name of her ex-husband.

Read the full report by journalists Juliana Dal Piva and Eduardo Militão on this link.