Jeep Commander would be the 13th best seller in Brazil only in pre-sales

The Jeep Commander was officially launched yesterday (26) and stirred up the stalled — and limited — seven-seat mid-size SUV market. With the launch, it also started to reserve the novelty. The first batch of 500 units from the pre-sale sold out in just 30 minutes.

With the depletion, Jeep announced a second batch, this one with 1,000 units. Within 15 minutes the second batch was sold out. More lots were being made available, by the end of Thursday the Jeep had already received reservations of more than 2,800 units for its launch.


Debunking Duster and HR-V in less than 24 hours

Using the license numbers for the month of July as a reference, the Jeep Commander would be the 13th best-selling car in Brazil only with sales made on the day of launch. With around 2,800 units it would be above the Fiat Cronos and below the Nissan kicks. In the SUV category he would be ahead of Renault Duster, Honda HR-V and Citroen C4 Cactus.

jeep commander overland td380 82
The new seven-seater Jeep promises luxury for large families (Photo: Jeep | Disclosure)

But it’s important to remember that these numbers are appended to the new SUV’s reservations. The ranking measures license plates, as it depends on the manufacturer’s ability to deliver vehicles to consumers. When production of the Jeep Commander starts we will follow the data in our monthly sales ranking.

And to complete the pre-sale superlatives of the first Jeep designed in Brazil, the manufacturer would pocket at least around R$ 560 million in one day. This figure was made based on the price of the Commander Limited turboflex, the cheaper version. Considering the other models, the number will be even higher. Pre-sale continues until October 7th.