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José (Juliano Laham) will become a real punching bag for his brothers in Genesis. The protagonist will tell the envious relatives that he once again had a dream being revered by them and will provoke everyone’s fury. Furious, they will surround the good guy, and Rúben (Felipe Cunha) will punch him for real in Record’s biblical novel.

The chosen one of God (Flávio Galvão) will undergo a new ordeal next tuesday (31). He will have already told his family that he had a first strange dream and became a laughing stock. Joseph’s dream will have shown him that he will still be the leader of a great nation and that his entire family will still bow down to his greatness.

The rivalry will intensify in the field of Canaan. Issacar (Patrick Sampaio) will throw a rock at the boy’s head and provoke him: “Excuse me, José. It was not my intention to hit our future leader’s head”, he will comment, laughing.

“Not only ours, but according to his dream, leader of the whole world as well”, complete Zebulom (Maurício Pitanga). The young people will surround Joseph, and he will no longer be able to walk back to camp.

“Oh great king! King of all Canaan…”, Dan (Augusto Garcia) will comment. Simeon (Igor Cotrim) will also mock and bow: “Oh, I know! Better yet, he will be the king of Egypt. O great pharaoh, we revere him!”

ugly fight

Joseph will defend himself from the brothers and explain that he had a new dream with the same interpretation: “The sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed down before me!” Men will stop laughing and look at you with hate.

Reuben will approach him and ask the rest to hold José. “Stop! What do you think you’re doing? Father said…”, he’ll try to remember the character played by Juliano Laham, cornered.

Overcome with hatred, the eldest son of Israel will punch the boy in the stomach. After a cruel session of blows, he will ask Gade (Bruno Daltro) and Aser (Pedro Lamin) to release the protagonist.

“After this affront that you’re doing to our whole family, not even the father will be on your side! Let’s go! And someone brings this miserable one”, concluded Rúben, satisfied with the “corrective”.

Genesis is a free adaptation of the first book of the Bible. The serial is divided into seven phases, and, currently, Record exhibits the sixth –Jacó. In addition to the spoilers, the TV news publishes the summary of the biblical novel.

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