Journalist chooses Serie A club that is following in Cruzeiro’s footsteps


Credit: Reproduction/TV Bandeirantes

Relegated to the Second Division and with serious financial problems, Cruzeiro became a negative example in relation to managing the finances of a football club. High expenses and, at the same time, high debt always raise questions about the final path.

Corinthians, owner of an important debt, decided to open the coffers and brought in seasoned athletes to qualify their squad. After defining the departure of some players, Timão’s board found a space on its sheet to bring Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Roger Guedes. Willian, out of Arsenal’s plans, is another one of interest.

For journalist Milton Neves, however, Corinthians is ‘following in the footsteps of Cruzeiro’, a title he uses in his blog on UOL Sport. The presenter questions the need for such an investment.

“Honestly, is it really worth spending the money you don’t have to reinforce a team that will be far from fighting for the Brazilian title? And that it will hardly reach the G-4? Yes, because we only have one place in the G-4, since Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Palmeiras are already practically guaranteed in this select group. And the high salaries, who will pay? Yes, Timão, it would be better to look up to Flamengo’s example than to Cruzeiro’s, see?”, wrote Milton.

Corinthians schedule

In sixth place in the Brazilian Championship, Corinthians enters the field today against Grêmio, at 9 pm (GMT), at the Arena, in Porto Alegre, for the 18th round. Coach Sylvinho will have two absences for the duel soon.

They are: Fagner, who still has pain in his right calf, and Adson, who has not recovered in time from the trauma to his left leg at the end of the last match, against Athletico.

A probable squad for Corinthians is: Cássio, Du Queiroz, João Victor, Gil and Fábio Santos; Gabriel, Roni and Giuliano; Marquinhos (Renato Augusto), Gustavo Mosquito and Jô.