Juliette divulges behind the scenes recording of her first EP

After three days away from social media, Juliette Freire, 31, released today the backstage recording of her first EP. Earlier this month, the champion of “Big Brother Brasil 21” announced that she will release six new songs.

In a video posted on Instagram, with black and white images, the woman from Paraíba appears in a studio or in images over the months after being the champion of the reality show. She read a text in which she invites fans to listen to the EP that will be released this semester.

“Singing, I perceive myself and I find myself in this enchantment. Here I am, undressed for you. I let go of all my facets to assume what I most want. To be Juliette, simple and purely Juliette. I am and I want to be.
It carries my story and my marks. May the words bring lightness as they covered me with peace. I surrender on a road that I have never set foot on and the first steps of this walk are wings that I gained along with you. I invite you to fly with me!” said the ex-BBB.

Juliette’s musical work is being developed by a team of people from Paraíba, known in the Brazilian music scene. It will be Paraíba’s first musical work after being hired by Rodamoinho Records, in partnership with Virgin Music Brasil.

This week, Juliette switched her social media profile photos to a pastel shade of orange, and fans saw this as a sign that the BBB-winning EP will be out soon.

Music at the BBB

In the reality show, the winner of this year’s edition drew attention by releasing her voice with several songs. Among them are “Deus Me Projeta”, by Chico César, “Dona Cila”, by Maria Gadú, “Bixinho”, by Duda Beat, among others.

Upon leaving the most guarded house after receiving the award, she participated in a series of lives. Juliette sang alongside Gilberto Gil, Wesley Safadão, Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho and Xand Avião.

This week, she appeared, once again, alongside Safadão for a participation in this year’s edition of “Criança Esperança”. The two sang the classic “Anunciação” in a performance recorded in Quixadá, Ceará.