Juliette shows behind the scenes on the eve of releasing her first EP; watch the video | famous

Is it heating you want? Well then, there it is! Juliette released a video this Friday, 8/27, with images releasing her voice in the studio and in backstage recordings. All this as part of the release of their first EP, which will have six tracks, scheduled to hit platforms later this semester. Among the names of the songs are “Bença”, “Benzim” and “Vixe, que Gostoso”. See full list 🎤🎧👇

Juliette releases list with the names of 6 songs from her first EP — Photo: Playback/Instagram

In the post, the pretty one declaimed a poem that translates this kick-off moment in her singing career, and invites her cacti to fly with her! 🌵🎼

“Singing, I perceive myself and I find myself in this enchantment. Here I am, naked for you. I let go of all my facets to assume what I most want. To be Juliette, simple and purely Juliette. And I put it in my corner, everything I want. I am and I want to be. He carries my story and my marks.”

“Let the words bring lightness as they covered me with peace. I surrender myself on a road that I have never walked and the first steps of this walk are wings that I gained along with you. I invite you to fly along with me!”.

Juliette releases studio footage — Photo: Playback/Instagram

It was the case of the digital influencer Lucas Rangel, which made the cacti even more anxious with the following comment: 👇🌵

Juliette in recording studio — Photo: Playback/Instagram

What else do we know about the new musical work of the pitica…

That the announcement was made by her on August 5th and that the news, of course, was received with euphoria by the cacti 🌵. The songs are new and the project was developed by a team of musicians from Paraíba, known on the national scene. And that Juliette signed a contract with Rodamoinho Records, in partnership with Virgin Music Brasil.

At the time, she declared: “I’ve always liked music and singing. Art has a special place in my heart.”

“It’s a huge thrill to create this project, my first, together with such important and talented people. Building my entire universe is a dream. I’m counting the hours to be able to share this with everyone.”

Juliette — Photo: Instagram

Recall the moments when Juliette released her voice at BBB21 🎤🎧

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Juliette singer: See the times the BBB21 champion let out her voice inside the house