Kim Kardashian “not happy” with Kanye West after controversial event, magazine says: “I would never participate if I knew”

Kim Kardashian was the target of criticism this Friday (27), after participating in another “listening party” for the album “Donda”, Kanye West’s upcoming release. And it seems that the muse was not so happy to have been part of the show either… Given the controversies that arose with the event, sources revealed a dissatisfaction on the part of the businesswoman.

On her show, Kanye featured vocals from DaBaby, who made a series of homophobic, misogynistic and serophobic lines recently, and Marilyn Manson, who faces multiple rape charges. It’s not hard to imagine why the occasion caused a lot of controversy among the audience. According to People magazine, all of this left Kim Kardashian shaken that she also made an appearance at the ceremony.

Kim Kardashian would have been bothered by the controversies of the Kanye West event. (Photo: Getty)

According to an insider’s account, Kim did not know what would happen there. “She was sitting inside a box looking at the back of the house that was on stage, so she couldn’t even see them. [DaBaby e Manson] from your point of view. She wasn’t aware of what was going on at the show. She just knew what Kanye had asked her to do, and she wanted to help him”, said.

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Another source revealed that she is “not happy” with her ex-husband. “Kanye will always be family to Kim. When Kanye is well and happy, it benefits the kids… Kim is the first to support his views. He asked her to be a part of the event and she said yes without hesitation. She didn’t know Marilyn Manson would be there too. She understands why this caused uprising. Kim is all about positive publicity. She would never participate if she knew Manson would be there”, pointed out the interviewee.

Spokesperson confirms Marilyn Manson's participation in Kanye West's new album and rapper comes under criticism.  (Getty)
Kanye West caused controversy by inviting Marilyn Manson and DaBaby to his event. (Photos: Getty)

A third informant reinforced that the Kardashian star had no idea what West was up to, and had to deal with it. “A lot of that took her by surprise. But then you have to decide: do you drop out at the last minute, or do you do what you agreed to do? In the end, she decided to stay and keep her promise. That doesn’t mean she supports Marilyn Manson or DaBaby and the things they believe. She was there to support the father of her children”, punctuated the insider.

Kim Kardashian entered the event dressed as a bride.

The third party listening to the album “Donda” brought together another series of random elements in Chicago, in the United States, this Thursday (26). After making his presence felt in the audience, this time, Kim Kardashian took part in the Kanye West event. In a very special and unusual moment, the businesswoman walked through Soldier Field stadium, towards her ex-husband, dressed as a bride!

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The appearance took place at the end of the show, in the middle of the song “No Child Left Behind” – a scene that caused a lot of frenzy among the spectators. In the records, shared on social media, we can see Kanye smiling broadly as he sees the mother of his children approaching, as she wears a white Balenciaga dress and veil on her head. Moments later, both left the place hand in hand. Check out:

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Despite the participation, sources assured TMZ that the couple did not resume their relationship. The witness further stated that Kim and Kanye have always supported each other’s projects and will continue to do so in the future, for the sake of the family. Proof of this is that just yesterday (26), the news was released in the international media that the socialite does not intend to give up her last name West, even after the rapper’s divorce.

In addition to KKW, the event featured the controversial appearances of DaBaby, who replaced Jay-Z’s voice in the song “Jail”, and Marilyn Manson. In this part of the show, Kanye appeared in front of a replica of his childhood home. The space was decorated with candles, while a large screen displayed Bible verses. The presence of both musicians was widely criticized on the networks. See more videos and check public opinion by clicking here.