know who will be the participants of the board in ‘Domingão do Huck’

The painting now led by Luciano Huck will have three groups with special artists

O Sunday with Huck will have the new season of Show of the Famous!

From September 5th, the painting promises to surprise and thrill the public, who will be able to admire the performances of the artists in the competition.

Already in the preparation phase, the artists chosen for this season are divided into three groups. Group A consists of fiuk (30) and by the singers Gloria Groove (26) and Margareth Menezes (58).

Group B, on the other hand, is made up of the lyrical tenor Thiago Arancam (39), Victor Kley (27) and Wanessa Camargo (38). Diego Hypólito (35), Mariana Rios (36) and Robson Nunes (39) are from group C.

Luciano Huck will make his debut on Sundays on September 5th. in addition to the famous show, the program will have unpublished episodes of Who wants to be a millionaire? and special articles that tell the life stories of Brazilians.

With the change of the communicator to Sundays, the cauldron was assumed by Marcos Mion (42) who are already recording the attraction.

Check out the participants of the ‘Show dos Famosos’ on ‘Domingão com Huck’:

Celebrity Show Participants

Photo: Publicity/ TV Globo

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