Kryptos: PF seizes R$153 million in operation against financial pyramid | Police

Money found in the home of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, owner of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin

Money found in the home of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, owner of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin

The Federal Police concluded on Friday the counting of money seized in the Kryptos operation. According to the PF, the accounting of the amounts seized in foreign currency, after conversion, presented an amount of approximately R$ 1.3 million in cash, totaling the amounts seized, in cash, within the scope of the entire operation, in approximately R$153 million.

The seizures made by the PF this Wednesday, in Operation Kryptos, give the dimension of the financial pyramid scheme investigated in Rio de Janeiro. According to the corporation, the target was a criminal organization responsible for billionaire fraud involving cryptocurrencies. The agents collected 21 luxury cars, 591 bitcoins – equivalent to R$ 147 million at the current price.

The operation also resulted in the arrest of five people: three in the state of Rio de Janeiro and two in São Paulo, one of whom was at Guarulhos Airport with $25,000. The latter will also answer for currency evasion.

Appointed as the leader of the gang, businessman Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, owner of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, was arrested yesterday. At his house, agents removed suitcases of cash and had to resort to a securities company to account for the amount.

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Agents who were involved in the operation inside Glaidson’s house, in a condominium in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio, say they have never seen so much money in an operation, not even at Lava-Jato.

Police officers also seized physical wallets for cryptocurrencies. They are like pendrives in which the cryptoactives are saved. In this format, the PF found 591 bitcoins. According to CoinMarketCap, a bitcoin yesterday was worth around R$255,000.

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In the search and seizure, agents also collected 21 luxury cars. Among the vehicles are sports cars, convertibles and SUVs. The cars were found at addresses in the city of Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Frio (RJ). Agents seized models from brands such as Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mitsubishi and Corvette.

According to the PF, Glaidson, 38, handled more than R$ 2 billion at GAS Consultoria. This is a sudden change in the suspect’s standard of living. According to a record of the Ministry of Labor, in 2014 he received about R$800 a month as a waiter at Orla Bardot, in Búzios, in Região dos Lagos (RJ).

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Glaidson is married to Venezuelan Mirelis Díaz Zerpa and sports luxury cars. The entrepreneur, however, avoids appearing in public and is not used to social networks.

Jewelry, Cigars & Watches

At the businessman’s luxury house, jewelry, Cuban cigars, designer watches, high-end clothing, imported drinks, expensive perfumes, as well as various gadgets related to the Bitcoin market, including specific pen drives for financial transactions, were also seized. To police officers who participated in the PF operation, Glaidson said he had not committed a crime and had done “nothing wrong”.

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According to the investigation, Glaidson’s company, headquartered in the Lakes Region, is responsible for operating a system of financial pyramids or “ponzi schemes”, based on the effective public offering of an investment contract, without prior registration with the regulatory bodies, linked to speculation in the cryptocurrency market, with the prediction of an unsustainable financial return on the amount invested.

In the last six years, the financial movement of the companies involved in the frauds presented billions of figures, and it is certain that approximately 50% of this movement occurred in the last 12 months, says the PF. Glaidson promised 10% profit a month on investments in bitcoin, but investigators say that GAS did not even reinvest in cryptocurrencies, doubly deceiving investors.

After Glaidson’s arrest, GAS Consulting sent a statement to investigators. The company stated that “payments will be made normally” and that “lawyers are working” to release the entrepreneur. Also according to the note, sent to a WhatsApp group, employees asked customers to have “serenity” and end by saying that they are working to “honor the commitments made”.