La Casa de Papel’s success shocked actress

In an interview with Variety, the actress from La Casa de Papel, Úrsula Corberó, commented on her work on the series. One of the things she tackled was the acquisition by Netflix, which made the series a worldwide phenomenon, which really shocked her.

For those who don’t know, La Casa de Papel was originally a production of Antena 3, a Spanish channel. The series was not hugely successful in the country and was canceled with little airing time, and that’s when Netflix came into play.

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The actress recalled: “When Netflix debuted the series, I was in Uruguay celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family.”

amazing success

“We were on the beach and some people came up to me shouting, ‘Tokyo, you’re a goddess!’ I joked with my partner, saying, ‘Look, we found the only four people here who have seen the show’, because in my brain it was inconceivable what was going on.”

Who was also surprised was creator Álex Pina, who said in the same interview: “Right after the series debuted on Netflix, I was at an event in France and two guys came up to me with shirts asking for an autograph. This has never happened to me before, not even in Spain.”

The fifth season of La Casa de Papel will be divided into two parts. The first hits Netflix on September 3rd, while the second premieres on December 3rd.