Lack of vitamin in the body causes common symptoms; know how to identify it

The organism has its way of warning about the lack of some nutrients necessary to ensure good maintenance of the body; know how to identify some of these signs

A healthy diet means a very varied and colorful diet, rich in numerous nutrients. In addition to satiating, food maintains the proper functioning of all our body systems; so, when a nutrient shortage occurs, the body usually signals in some ways.

Restrictive diets, which many people do on their own, influenced by tips on social networks, can cause some kind of disharmony in the body, which will end up reflecting on health and appearance, especially hair and skin.

An exaggerated consumption of ultra-processed and industrialized foods, which lack vitamins, minerals and fiber, also leads to nutritional deficiency. The lack of some vitamins can be diagnosed, through specific tests, and can be corrected with nutritional monitoring or supplementation with a multivitamin.

The appearance of symptoms such as thrush, skin flaking and inflammation may be your body’s way of asking for nutrients. We list some alerts from the organism below. If you identify with some items, see a doctor.

4 symptoms that may indicate nutritional deficiency

fine and brittle hair

Strong and healthy strands are the result of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Even if you have several products to care for your highlights, it is important that your hair receives the correct nutrients.

Generally, when hair becomes thin and brittle, it may be missing some B-complex vitamin or folic acid, which helps in the production of new proteins and cell division. These compounds have antioxidant action and help numerous chemical reactions that are fundamental for the proper functioning of the body, and can be found in vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage, whole grains and eggs.

white threads

Gray hair can be the result of some genetic inheritance, but it can also be your body’s request for copper. This substance is essential for the production of melanin, the substance responsible for the color of the threads and the skin. It is necessary to carry out blood tests to detect the lack of the element in the body. Copper can be found in foods such as mushrooms, oysters, shellfish and other seafood.

Skin reactions on the back of the arms

Skin imperfections are common, but small dots on the arm can mean a shortage of vitamin A and zinc, essential for good clotting and healing of the skin. To correct zinc levels, you need to add foods such as pumpkin seeds, chickpeas and chicken. Vitamin A can be supplemented by consuming melon and sweet potatoes.

uneven nails

Stomach acid is responsible for breaking down large molecules in food, helping the body to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals. Problems in the amount or production of this acid can be caused by overuse of some heartburn medications, which hinders the process of synthesizing the nutrients needed for healthy nail growth. It is recommended to have a medical visit to balance acid production.