Last weekend, Sesau opens 20 units for flu vaccination – Capital

Only the elderly and children exceeded the vaccination target; anyone over six months can take

Vaccination will be throughout the day.  (Photo: Disclosure/PMCG)
Vaccination will be throughout the day. (Photo: Disclosure/PMCG)

The Campo Grande city hall will open 20 health units on Saturday (27), for the flu vaccination campaign. The deadline ends on Monday (30).

The clinics will be open from 7:30 am to 5 pm, exclusively for the application of vaccine and will serve the entire population above six months of age. According to Sesau (Municipal Health Department), 197,761 doses of the vaccine were applied to the priority public, covering 83.79%.

Only the elderly and children reached the vaccination target, with 100.58% and 94.99% coverage, respectively. Health workers, who in previous years exceeded 100% coverage, as well as the population over 60 years old, registers 87.7% of the vaccinated public.

Vaccination remains open for all ages. “The flu can be as dangerous as covid-19, it can also progress to serious cases and death. To avoid this, it is necessary that as many people as possible are immunized, thus reducing the circulation of the virus”, declared the head of Sesau, José Mauro de Castro Filho.

Check out the vaccination sites:

Lagoa Urban Region

USF (Family Health Unit) Batistão

USF Coophavila

USF Oliveira


USF Northwest

USF Nova Bahia

USF Mata do Jacinto


UBS (Basic Health Unit) Jockey Club

UBS Dona Neta

CF (Family Clinic) Iracy Coelho

USF Los Angeles


UBS Colonel Antonino

USF San Francisco

USF Vila Nasser


UBS Carlota

USF Moreninha

USF Itamaracá

University UBS


USF Albino Coimbra

UBS Worker’s Home

USF Silvia Regina