Lázaro Ramos confirms separation revealed by Taís Araújo: “That’s right”

Lázaro Ramos commented on a controversial interview by Taís Araújo – Photo: Reproduction

Lázaro Ramos gave an honest interview to the newspaper O Globo. The actor, who is also married to actress Taís Araújo, spoke about a controversial interview with his partner.

At the time, the artist stated that she almost got separated from Lázaro during the quarantine. The actor took the opportunity to clarify the statement and stated how the situation of the two is currently going.

“We were able to reconnect quickly. Our processes don’t last long. There’s no plan, like, for the couple we’re going to be, it’s kind of like that right there (laughs). Taís talkative, and I clown at the wrong time… We don’t talk to make arrangements for the expectations of others. We have things that connect us. The work, the humor, we laugh a lot together, we love to gossip… We are very gossips”, said Lázaro Ramos.

“I think that the practice of harmonious work that we’ve had over all these years, respecting the time and space of our colleagues in the profession, ended up shaping the couple we are. We are a couple with all the issues, who are jealous….”, he confessed.

Lázaro Ramos delivers jealousy

In addition, also during an interview, Lázaro Ramos confessed that he was already jealous of Taís Araújo and ended up being sincere. The fact occurred during the actress’ work in a film. The veteran delivered that the romance scenes were something complicated for his mind.

“I was jealous of Taís and Alfred (Enoch) in the film (Provisional Measure), the scenes of relationship, kissing, it was crazy… When it was too true, my heart would race. I thought: ‘If it looks real, it’s good. Shame on your face that this is work’. I had to tell me that (laughs)”, he added, in short.