Letícia Colin gives her opinion on a controversial issue and shocks at GloboNews

Leticia Colin
Letícia Colin spoke about the decriminalization of drugs (Image: Reproduction / GloboNews)

Leticia Colin, 31, was in a chat about substance abuse at GloboNews, in this Thursday (26), and spoke about the experience of his character who suffers from drug addiction, in the series Onde Está Meu Coração, by Globoplay.

The famous woman took advantage and criticized society for treating the matter with prejudice, suggested the release of cannabis to help health and praised Walter Casagrande Jr., who was also in the debate.

“I identify deeply with the drug addict at the starting point. This often reported feeling of loneliness, insecurity, nervousness and social anxiety, I recognize it all in me”, stated the artist.

Letícia Colin then highlighted: “As I am a person who has been treating mood disorders, anxiety and depression for a long time and I am a user of regulated and regulated drugs, the medications, I feel very much the same.”

“In fact, I think that the drug issue we look at from a moralistic, ironic, very prejudiced point of view and, in fact, each one finds a way to deal with their sadness, with their compulsion, difficulty in living, this overcoming ”, she fired.

The actress, who spent a few days in Cracolândia, in São Paulo, to talk directly with those who suffer from drug addiction to build the character, continued with her outburst.

“When I was in Cracolândia spending that experience of a few days talking to users and getting to know their stories, I felt as an equal. This is a very important paradigm shift for me and I think for our society”, she pointed out.

The famous commented: “It’s not putting us, I include myself in this group because I’m a person who uses medication for mood disorders, outside of this discussion, but, yes, at the center of the discussion. We are all at the center. This moment of change needs to happen. Not just the Eurocentric white man, but all of us. The center has expanded and all of us with all our differences and our vulnerabilities. Drugs are a health issue, not a police issue”.

Letícia Colin was also moved when she said that there are ways to find a cure for chemical dependency and praised the former football player for the strength to make a comeback.

“We live in a society where we are afraid of being fragile, afraid of being sad and afraid of welcoming and talking about it. That’s why it’s so revolutionary and exciting when Casagrande comes here, he’s our hero. He’s such a hero that everyone in my house is in my entire life, Palmeiras loves Casagrande, got it? Really, this myth thing, you are the real myth. Single. It’s the athletes of the sport that we revere”, stated.

At the end of her participation, she lamented the phase of hatred and free attacks on social networks and proposed the reflection that the decriminalization of drugs would be beneficial:

“In this phase of a lot of hatred that we are living politically and the non-acceptance of difference, this makes our society sick. Brazil is getting sick because it has no room for our different ones, the feminine, the black, the Indians. So, that’s why, from this pain comes the great escape for drugs. The liberation of cannabis and the decriminalization of drugs would go a long way towards reducing the deaths of young people in trafficking and enhancing treatments”.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

Luiz Fábio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and passionate about what happens on television. He is a writer and columnist for RD1. It is on social networks at @luizfabio_ca and can also be via email [email protected]