Man arrested on suspicion of killing and hiding his lover’s body in Santa Luzia, Greater Belo Horizonte | Minas Gerais

A 53-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering his 42-year-old lover in Santa Luzia, in Greater Belo Horizonte. He was caught in Diamantina and transferred to the Metropolitan Region this Thursday (26).

According to delegate Adriana das Neves Rosa, head of the Santa Luzia Homicide Police, they had an extramarital relationship for four years – since he is married.

The delegate informed that the victim was missing since August 14 and that on Monday (16) the family registered a police report. The suspect was found by police in Diamantina.

“Is it over there [a vítima] he was not in the habit of going away. The family was worried about the disappearance,” says Adriana.

Delegate Adriana das Neves Rosa, head of the Santa Luzia Homicide Precinct — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

On August 18, the police received information that the victim had been murdered. The suspect told police he killed her. asphyxiated with her hands, and who buried her body in the back of the lover’s house – in an area with swamps and dense forest. As the place is difficult to access, the police asked the Fire Department for support for the rescue.

The suspect – who had previously been arrested for concealing a corpse in Diamantina – was transferred to Santa Luzia, already in compliance with remand warrant determined by Justice.

The man told police he killed his mistress because they were in friction, and she would have threatened to tell his wife about the extramarital affair.

But the delegate does not believe this version: “The investigated wife’s wife was already aware of this extramarital relationship between them. These are facts that will be investigated. [Delegacia de] Homicide will hear from you again. The investigations are not over yet,” he says.

Adriana also said that against the suspect there are two police reports. He physically assaulted his wife and, in another case, last May, his wife and daughter. Because of the latter, he had separated from his wife and was closer to his mistress.

Also according to the delegate, the suspect worked autonomously in the construction of balconies and roofs. He can be indicted for doubly aggravated murder.

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