Mansion rented by 04 was financed by a bank that financed Flávio’s house.

two mansions, the same bank

Photo: Adriano Machado/Crusoé

THE mansion rented by Jair Bolsonaro’s youngest son, jair renan, and by the president’s ex-wife Ana Cristina do Valle was financed by the same bank that financed Flávio Bolsonaro’s mansion, exclusively revealed by the antagonist, O BRB (Bank of Brasilia).

As we showed, UOL revealed that 04 and his mother they moved in June to a property valued at R$ 3.2 million in the capital’s prime area. Similar sized houses are being rented on the same block for about BRL 15 thousand per month, value incompatible with Ana Cristina’s income.

The property was purchased by Geraldo Antônio Machado on May 31, days before the president’s son and ex-wife moved. According to the deed, the acquisition was made “with own resources”, in a down payment of BRL 580 thousand and BRL 2.32 financed in BRB.

Due to the negotiation made with the bank, if Geraldo Antônio Machado pays the installment of the loan on time, it costs a total of R$ 14,844.

The owner, who is a realtor, lives about 30 kilometers from the mansion. To UOL, he said that he bought the new property with the idea of ​​living there, but couldn’t move because of “a disorder”.

Machado said he ended up renting the house to Jair Renan and Ana Cristina for a value below what you would like.

“At first, I was going to ask for a high price, but I asked for a market value even for quick rent and I could solve my problem.”