Mauro: Having Cuca and Renato as highlights gives the level of Brazilian technicians – 08/27/2021

Amidst the increase in the number of foreign coaches in Brazilian football, Cuca and Renato Gaúcho are the Brazilians who lead two of the main teams in the country at the moment, Atlético-MG and Flamengo, one that leads Brasileirão and another that is also a candidate in the fight for the title, in addition to their teams being in the semifinals of the Libertadores and in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, factors that, added to the results of recent years, place them among the main players in the country in the profession.

In the podcast Posse de Bola #155, Mauro Cezar Pereira analyzes the two outstanding names, remembers that both Cuca and Renato were defeated in finals played last season by Palmeiras de Abel Ferreira, who he does not consider to have a great repertoire in charge of Palmeiras, and he says that this shows that the current level of Brazilian technicians is worrying.

“I think that just the fact that we are here discussing these two coaches as if they were the highlights of Brazilian football shows the mediocrity of Brazilian coaches today, the level is very low. Both Renato and Cuca both managed to lose finals for Abel Ferreira, who is a Portuguese coach of third, fourth tier, fifth level maybe,” says Mauro Cezar.

“Which European team we are talking about with the Champions League draw is interested in Abel Ferreira? Would I coach one of the great teams with his football mindset? Can you imagine one of those very strong teams in Europe signing Abel Ferreira as coach? I don’t think so, very difficult. Will he go to the Premier League tomorrow? Also, what has he done to draw attention in this regard? Nothing so far. If he has a good manager, maybe he can, but not for what it has presented”, he completes.

The journalist claims that Palmeiras de Abel won the Brazil Cup in a resounding manner against Renato Gaúcho’s Grêmio, in addition to having secured the Libertadores title through Santos, which was commanded by Cuca, noting that the then Santos coach changed the characteristics of the team for the match.

“Abel Ferreira with all his ‘poor’ repertoire even beat both, Renato then won the final of the Copa do Brasil with enormous authority and Cuca also managed to lose the final when he radically changed the way his team played, the Santos, played a game that was not Santos’ game, afraid of losing and lost in the end after making a slap on the field. If these guys are the coaches that we will see as a highlight, you can see the level of the thing”, he concludes.

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