Miami-based brokerage offers 70 home office job openings for Brazilians in the IT field; salaries reach BRL 22 thousand

Brokerage - Miami - job openings - salaries - IT - home office The company offers health insurance, dental coverage, home office assistance, life insurance and meal and food vouchers (Getty Image)

The brokerage based in Miami Avenue Securites, after receiving a contribution of R$ 150 million from Softbank, opens a selection process so that its information technology team can be strengthened. The company, which has its office in São Paulo, is offering 70 job openings with incredible salaries in the sector and with vacancies for the home office modality.

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More than 70 job openings in the home office mode with salaries that can reach R$22,000

The open job openings are to act as Back-end and Front-end developer, quality assurance and DevOps engineers. Check out below all the opportunities that the Miami brokerage is offering in the home office mode:

  • Golang Full Back End Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Talent Bank – Tech
  • Golang Senior Back End Developer

To compete for vacancies in the brokerage firm’s selection process, it is extremely important that candidates know how to work with the programming languages ​​of each of the proposed positions.

It is noteworthy that home office job openings are aimed at professionals of all experience levels, and salaries vary according to the position. The Miami brokerage also offers other job openings, but for those who live in São Paulo, check out:

  • Attorney
  • Investment and Relationship Analyst
  • Onboarding Analyst
  • Full Designer
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Product Design Lead
  • UX Senior Writer

All the details about the selection process and salaries offered by the Miami brokerage

Avenue’s selection process will take place in three stages. The first is the profile validation interview with the company’s human resources team. Soon after, there will be a technical interview with industry leaders and experts.

Afterwards, there will be another interview with the company’s technology director. Salaries reach R$22,000 for developers and engineers. The benefits offered to those hired by the Miami brokerage are: health plan, dental plan, home office assistance, meal vouchers, life insurance and food vouchers.

The brokerage firm also offers $100 in the new hire’s first salary to encourage the opening of a brokerage account, 75% discount on foreign exchange for in-app investment transactions, in addition to 24 free brokerages. To apply for home office job openings, simply go to the Avenue job site and select the desired opportunity.

By selecting the desired position, it will be possible to have access to all information offered by the company. At the bottom of the page, select the box. “apply for the vacancy” to send your resume or fill in data manually.


The company’s people director talks about job openings

According to the People Director of Avenue Securities, Victoria Vitrio, the opening of job openings will serve to give due support to the growth of the Miami company.

According to the director, for the company’s goal of having one million customers by the end of next year to be fulfilled, it is essential that good professionals are hired in the area. Regarding the company’s offers for new employees, Vitrio says that this is a way to include employees in the investment world. The director believes that everyone can benefit from the financial market.