Mion’s departure was a necessary shock for Record to improve The Farm

The departure of Marcos Mion from Record, in January, caught all the fans of the presenter and the rural reality show A Fazenda in short pants. He redesigned an attraction that only fell in the audience and prestige on social networks after the departure of Britto Jr. With the arrival of Roberto Justus, the situation got worse. But it seems that Rodrigo Carelli and co. learned their lesson.

To refresh the memory of readers of this column: a disagreement between Mion and the program’s management caused her to be fired from the network. When everything seemed lost, Record surprised by hiring Adriane Galisteu, who had already given a show in front of Power Couple Brasil.

With a heavyweight presenter in hand, what was missing? A cast good enough to generate more engagement than Globo’s BBB21 and new dynamics, since live voting, milking a cow and eliminating someone every Thursday was already tiring.

Once and for all, and unafraid to assume, Rodrigo Carelli learned that it is necessary to invest in good names and give better fees to those famous who have millions of followers and fans. It was like that with Jojo Todynho and now, he, managed to catch an old desire of reality show lovers: Tati Quebra Barraco. In addition to the funkeira, A Fazenda 13 managed to place several enemies and global names in the program. Ex-BBBs, who have just left the network, will be on the show.

Talking about Rodrigo Carelli, who collects enemies such as Britto Jr. and Alexandre Frota (both big names who helped to weed the bush so that A Fazenda was today’s success), he entered the cybernetic world once and for all and has been giving spoilers for the Twitter of what will happen at the house: he already had a photo of the headquarters, promise of the best season in history and even a revaluation of names he tried, but failed to turn into a pawn.

Another hit made by the heads of A Fazenda was, for the first time in history, wanting to announce the 20 participants before the attraction’s premiere. In addition to giving internet users time to look for everything about their lives, we journalists will gain time to search their lives and discover their rottenness.

With that, the engagement starts to rise even before the debut. And of course, the reality show edition will also have time to see who will be the good guy, the bad guy is the edition’s favorite.

With 20 selected names, which the column has already revealed here, Record also decided to invest in a magazine that will confine four famous people to compete for just two spots. These four famous, or almost famous in fact, you’ve read in the Leo Dias column too.

And who caused all this? Himself, Marcos Mion, who is being treated like a king at Globo, who has always seen the need to evolve with culture and what kind of content society wants to see today. Too bad it was necessary to lose to win. But in that case, I bet he’s much happier now.