Moraes annuls inclusion of acts of current PF director in inquiry into Bolsonaro and removes delegate | Policy

Moraes also canceled requests for information, made by Leal to the PF, of administrative acts by the current director general of the corporation, Paulo Maiurino – who took office in April this year.

Felipe Leal wanted to include, in the inquiry into Bolsonaro’s alleged interference, Maiurino’s decisions that led to the exchange of delegates who worked on investigations into former Environment Minister Ricardo Salles. See the video:

PF delegate investigating Bolsonaro's interference looks at the director-general's actions

PF delegate investigating Bolsonaro’s interference looks at the director-general’s actions

The information about this request by the Federal Police chief was revealed by the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo” and confirmed by Globonews.

According to Moraes, however, this information requested by the delegate has no relation to the inquiry – which was opened in 2020, before Maiurino took over the corporation.

The STF minister has been the rapporteur of the inquiry into the alleged interference of Bolsonaro in the PF since October 2020, replacing minister Celso de Mello, who has retired.

“I verify, however, that the measures determined [pelo delegado] are not within the scope of this investigation, as they refer to acts that would have been carried out in the command of the DPF Paulo Maiurino, who assumed the General Directorate of the Federal Police on 4/6/2021, that is, after the facts found in this investigation and without any relationship with it,” writes Moraes.

“There is, therefore, no relevance between the new measures referred to and the object of investigation”, points out the minister.

In the order of this Friday, Alexandre de Moraes determines that the inquiry be sent to the director general of the PF, who is responsible for designating a new delegate to continue the investigations.

Before being removed from the investigation, Felipe Leal had asked the PF for more information about two decisions by Maiurino:

  • the replacement of delegate Alexandre Saraiva after an investigation that targeted Ricardo Salles;
  • and the non-promotion of another delegate, Franco Perazzoni, who also investigated Salles.

Alexandre Saraiva again accuses Salles of hindering the investigation of the apprehension of wood

Alexandre Saraiva again accuses Salles of hindering the investigation of the apprehension of wood

Maiurino was appointed Director General of the PF in April of this year with the support of STF ministers, as he was the Court’s security secretary before the position. But according to sources heard by Globonews, with Bolsonaro’s attacks on the STF, Maiurino started to be in a ‘delicate situation’.

The assessment is that, in addition to being in the middle of the attack, the president is also not satisfied with his administration. Maiurino does not have an open defense profile for the president or for his sons, and also for his theses, such as the defense of the printed vote.

There is still no definition about the situation of Maiurino, nor if he will be changed, or if it is just a delicate phase of his administration.

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