MP says active MPs cannot go to a coup act, even without uniform

Bolsonaro participates in PMs graduation
Bolsonaro participates in the graduation of the Military Police of DF – Publicity Presidency

The Public Prosecutors of São Paulo and the Federal District want to stop PMs in the coup act of September 7th.

For the bodies, the participation of active military police officers is illegal, informs Estadão.

In the state of João Doria, which has already dismissed a coup colonel, the Military Court of Justice (TJM) requests action from the corporation’s internal affairs department.

The DF MP stated that “the Constitution prohibits the participation of active military police officers in political acts, in uniform or not.”

The agency collects information from the corporation’s intelligence on the organization of agents for the demonstration.

In the case of disobedience, PMs can respond by disciplinary procedure and even Police-Military Inquiry (IPM).

Yesterday (27), Anermb (National Association of Representative Entities of Military Police, Military Firefighters and State Pensioners) took a stand against the rule.

The largest national entity of PMs decided to leave the regional representations free to encourage or not the acts.

“Whoever wants to participate, let him go, democratically and peacefully,” says Leonel Lucas, president of the group.

The states that were targeted by the MP are the main focus of the next coup act.

President Jair Bolsonaro has already confirmed his presence on Avenida Paulista and Esplanada dos Ministérios.

PMs may have the same fate as Aleksander Lacerda, the coup colonel

The São Paulo MP points out that “there is no chance of being able to attend [aos atos], as an active soldier”.

This is the assessment of Attorney Pedro Falabella.

“There is no room for discussion. Even without uniform and during off hours, the PM is subject to disciplinary regulations”, he adds.

“The Constitution of the Republic prohibits union membership, strikes and membership in a military’s political party, while the latter is active. Hence the interpretation that active military personnel are prohibited from political demonstrations, whether they are on duty or not, in uniform or in plainclothes; precisely because the military police are a State institution, and not a government agency”, assesses the MP from the Federal District.

In the state, the police intend to concentrate on Praça dos Três Poderes.

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