Mulher Melão says she became a millionaire with a profile on OnlyFans – Zoeira

The funk artist Renata Frisson, the Melon woman, revealed that he stayed millionaire after creating a OnlyFans account, paid content platform that allows nudity and explicit sex. She has been on the site for less than five months.

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“Look, I don’t really like to talk about values, I’m a little scared, but I can guarantee you one thing: I’m already a millionaire thanks to OnlyFans”, she commented in an interview with Radio FM O Dia’s “Holofote” program.

Melon woman

The funkeira declared that the contents need to be thought out and published daily. According to her, “It’s not just about being naked. You have to script it. They love a narrator and they like amateur video.”

“I believe it’s because of my daring, because I already have the DNA of the people (…) I like to show myself, show a little reality. a whole production that I prepare for this. I have to wake up talking to my fans and sleep talking to them,” he says.

international fans

The singer also counts that many foreign fans track your profile on OnlyFans. In an interview, she jokes that she “is almost a polyglot”.

“On my OnlyFans I have a lot of gringo. From all countries. I have to manage to speak Spanish, English, French, all languages”, he says.

sexually explicit content

This Wednesday (25th), the OnlyFans backtracked on the new usage policy, which would prohibit the publication of “sexually explicit content“. The change comes in less than a week after the announcement, after content creators claim.

The platform’s official profile on Twitter thanked “everyone for making their voices heard.” “We have obtained the necessary assurances to support our diverse community of creators and have suspended the planned policy change for October 1st,” he said, noting that OnlyFans stands for “inclusion” and will continue to “provide a home” for all creators.