Natuza Nery is interrupted by Alexa live, on GloboNews, and entertains the web by giving the best answer: “I’m red” — watch!

Ah, this technology… Natuza Nery went through a tight skirt this Friday (27), live on GloboNews. During “Studio i”, the journalist was interrupted by the virtual assistant Alexa, and had to “stop” the little robot. The commentator’s reaction and the scene amused the bench colleagues, and made people talk on social media.

It all happened while Natuza commented on the suspension of the transfer of money to profiles investigated for spreading fake news. At one point, Alexa intervened and also began to speak in the background of the broadcast, leaving the journalist embarrassed. “Look here… Alexa, stop. Excuse”said Nery, with all class, as he asked for the silence of his little device.

Natuza Alexa1
Natuza was very embarrassed to be interrupted by Alexa. (Photo: Reproduction/GloboNews)

After the conclusion of the journalist’s speech, Maria Beltrão did not fail to address the technological unforeseen and the fine reaction of her colleague. “Guys, I loved ‘Alexia, enough! Stop, Alexia, that’s enough!’”, said the presenter, changing the name of the virtual assistant. So Natuza assumed she was embarrassed by the situation. “Right now that she’s gone to talk? I’m red!”, replied Nery.

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The show’s anchor also admitted that she’s been through this a few times. “Alexia keeps talking to me here, answering me, I don’t know if it’s her need…”, joked Beltron. “The authority, she has!”, added Flávia Oliveira, while friends had fun with the episode. “My cheek is boiling”, concluded Natuza. It’s okay, Natuza, it was just Alexa wanting to appear on national television… Kkkk Watch the video below:

Later, on Twitter, Natuza spoke about the subject again, after netizens commented on the scene. “Guys, what a shame”, she replied to a follower. Another viewer said that while the journalists were talking, her own virtual assistant was activated. “Natuza and Maria talking about Alexa and mine answering”, she said. “Lie, did that happen?”, the Globo commentator was surprised.

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The elegance in Natuza’s “scolding” also became a topic on the web, leaving many admired. “My goal in life is to be an elegant journalist just like Natuza Nery, telling Alexa to stop and come back to the agenda”, said journalist Raquel Porto. “Natuza very much from FINA sending Alexa SHUT UP”, commented another profile on Twitter. See more reactions:

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Do you think it’s over? As “Estúdio i” is always a box of surprises, a short time later, the program had another hilarious interruption: the broomstick! Kkkk This time, at Flávia Oliveira’s house. Live TV is always like that, right?