Nearly All European Countries End Afghan Rescue Operations | National Newspaper

Almost all European countries have ended rescue operations for Afghan citizens and allies.

While the United Nations thinks about what to do with the Afghan refugees, Europe takes stock of the lives it managed to save.

Italy rescued almost 5,000 Afghans and this Friday (27) leaves its last plane.

Germany ended its flights on Thursday (26), bringing to the continent more than 5,000 people, including 4,000 Afghans. About 300 Germans remain in Afghanistan.

The French Defense Ministry said that as of Thursday night, more than 100 French citizens and more than 2,500 Afghans had arrived on French soil.

Britain withdrew more than 13,000 British and Afghan citizens, representing the country’s second-largest air transport since the withdrawal from Berlin after World War II.

A student who managed to board the last flight from Kabul to Germany said panic continued to grip the airport. In a shaky voice, he described how people camped there for days.

“The situation was getting worse and worse. There was mass panic and shootings and it was barely possible to enter the airport. We were very lucky”, he said.

The UN is committed to staying in the country to try to provide some kind of protection to those left behind.

The World Health Organization maintains employees to monitor the situation aggravated by the drought and the Covid pandemic.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, concerned about Afghan women and children, wants to move the G20 meeting from October to September. The meeting of the 20 richest countries will be held in Italy and will now also discuss the crisis in Afghanistan.