Network hasn’t rocked since 2018 in the match between Corinthians and Grêmio

The 18th round of the Brazilian Championship reserves the meeting between Grêmio and Corinthians, in Porto Alegre. While Timão seeks to establish itself at the top of the table, Tricolor Gaucho has the opportunity to leave the relegation zone.

In opposite situations, the draw is not favorable for anyone – even if the pressure increases and it is worse for Grêmio, who were run over by Flamengo in the Copa do Brasil, losing 4-0.

In any case, recent hindsight indicates a point for each side. In the last four matches between Corinthians and Grêmio, the final result was 0-0.

The last time the net shook in the confrontation was in 2018, when the team from Rio Grande do Sul beat Timão 1-0 – with a goal by Jael.

If we analyze the last eight games, there are only three goals (two from Grêmio and one from Corinthians) – all in 1-0 wins.

The team from São Paulo seeks to establish itself in the G-6 and, with 24 points, is looking for victory. Grêmio, on the other hand, in a climate of decision, wants to take the opportunity to leave the relegation zone and leave despair for Fluminense or Bahia.

The two teams meet this Saturday, at 9 pm (Brasilia time), at Arena do Grêmio – in Porto Alegre.

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