New Renault Duster scores zero in Latin NCAP crash test

O Latin NCAP today released the results of the crash tests of the new Renault Duster, compact SUV produced in So Jos dos Pinhais (PR) which received a slight restyled at the beginning of 2020. The entity’s report reveals that the model with only two airbags did not present protection enough for the occupants and that a fuel leak made the situation even more serious. With this, Latin NCAP gave a zero score to Duster, contrary to Renault, which claims that the model had already been approved by the entity.

According to Latin NCAP, in the side impact test there was a marked invasion of column B, in addition to the opening of the front door on the passenger side, resulting in poor protection for the occupant’s trunk. The protection for the head, abdomen and pelvis was considered good.

Regarding the driver, the Latin NCAP revealed that the head and neck protection was considered good, but the traction protection was bad. The protection of the driver’s and passenger’s knees was also considered poor, as they are designed against the rigid structure of the dashboard. The structure of the cabin and the area of ​​the feet were considered unstable.

(photo: Latin NCAP/Publishes
(photo: Latin NCAP/Disclosure)

A serious detail was that the Latin NCAP found a fuel leak when the vehicle was submitted to the frontal collision test. For this reason, the entity recommended Renault to recall all units sold in the Brazilian market, as this is a very serious problem. Duster still received a low score in the Whiplash test, presenting low protection for the adult’s neck.

Renault claims that the Duster now tested by Latin NCAP has the same safety content as the vehicle that received four stars for adult protection and three stars for children in a 2019 test. improvements in the security system, but, by the way, these were not enough measures to meet the requirements demanded by Latin NCAP. The French brand claims that it meets all the regulations required in the countries where it sells its models.