New Renault Duster scores zero in Latin NCAP safety test

Since the Latin NCAP started to consider the side impact as a criterion for evaluating the crash tests, cars without side airbags always fail. In the new battery carried out by the organ, the newest victim is the Renault Duster. The compact SUV has just failed zero stars for adult passengers as well as children.

Even with electronic stability control (ESC) as standard, the Renault Duster made in São José dos Pinhais (PR) zeroed the test because of the new protocol. Thus, it obtained 29.47% as a result in the protection of adults, 22.93% in the protection of children, and, finally, 50.79% in the protection of pedestrians. In addition, it got a poor rating of 34.88% for security assistance systems, which are few in the model.

According to Latin NCAP, Duster produced in South America does not have side and curtain airbags, as occurs in the version sold in European markets. Also according to the organization’s bulletin, in the frontal impact test, the SUV showed unstable structure and fuel loss. To top it off, the doors opened on the slam, which shows the fragility of the architecture and also determines the disapproval.

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Latin NCAP wants Duster recall

In addition to the terrible result, the Latin NCAP wants Renault to recall Duster. This is due to the loss of fuel recorded in the frontal impact. In the statement, the agency says that “requires actions by Renault, not only solving the problem in production, but also making a recall of units sold on the market.”

Latin NCAP also says that, similarly, opening the door in the side impact “requires immediate action by Renault, as it poses a serious risk of ejection of the passenger”.

According to Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP, the Brazilian consumer has to be more discerning and demand better cars. “Basic vehicle safety, standard in markets in mature economies, is a right for consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean. And they must demand without having to overpay. These security elements act as vaccines for one of the most serious pandemics, such as deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents”, reinforced Furas.

See below the video of the Renault Duster collision:

Suzuki Swift also zeroes

In addition to the Renault Duster, the Suzuki Swift passed the scrutiny of Latin NCAP and also failed with zero stars. In this case, imported units were evaluated – since the hatch is made in India and Japan. And Swift’s score was even worse than Duster’s, because the model doesn’t have the standard stability control, and comes as standard only with two airbags.

Latin NCAP/Disclosure

Ka and HB20 also reset crash test

At the end of 2020, before Ford ended car production in Brazil, Latin NCAP once again evaluated the Ka. The battery also had the presence of the Hyundai HB20. For the duo of popular hatchbacks also got zero stars in the body’s evaluation. Both the model of the South Korean brand made in Piracicaba (SP) and the North American model had evaluations of the hatch and sedan versions with results below expectations.