Next stop: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the second year

Debuts on Monday (30) the new season of Whindersson: Next Stop. The YouTube Originals series follows the comedian and content producer Whindersson Nunes on trips to different places.

The first season, from 2019, featured an international stand-up tour by the comedian. This time, he gathered friends to get to know the different regions of Brazil, and he will also visit several charismatic guests, such as the singer joelma and the influencer Thaynara OG. The series’ new season has eight episodes, which air weekly on Mondays on Whindersson’s YouTube channel.

Before the debut, youtuber spoke with journalists at a press conference in which the Omelet I was present. During the conversation, he told how it was to record the second season of the series during the covid-19 pandemic and the troubles the team faced.

About the creative process, Whindersson said he learned a lot. “It was very interesting to see them [amigos e equipe] getting to know Brazil in the way I already knew it. I’ve been around Brazil about nine times, in the capitals and cities around. I always asked: ‘where is there a river around here?’, ‘is there a waterfall near here?’ So, I’ve always been discovering that each place has several sensational places that we often don’t know because it doesn’t show on television”, he stated. “And sometimes people ask me: ‘what are you going to show about Piauí?’.

A lot of drone, but not so much

The director Chris Tex commanded the second season of the series and was also present during the conversation. He told how it was to plan the recordings alongside the comedian. “When Whindersson asked me to do the second season, he was very emphatic about ‘I want to show Brazil in a very beautiful way, so that people can see how beautiful it is.’ There are a lot of drone plans, where we would raise the drone. So, there are these poetic moments in the series that I think are really cool”, told Tex.

Whindersson says that what he had most backstage in the series was perrengue. Some chic, some not so fancy. In the second city, the cast’s clothes were stiff from being used so much. “The clothes stood on their own. she was barnacle [dura] we wear the clothes so much”, joked the youtuber. “The story needs to have continuity. So, we were at the waterfall, stopped for lunch? Change clothes and then come back with the same clothes that she was six hours ago. Then, he adds another six hours, 12, when he goes to see the clothes, it’s already petrified, it’s turned into a statue.”, explains.

In addition to clothing, the team faced technical problems just in Piauí, the state where the comedian was born and raised. All because the story of “having too much drone”, got out of control. “We were filming, wanting to show Serra da Capivara, Pedra Furada, and [para isso,] the drone would pass through the stone, do a pirouette… until it fell and Piauí ran out of drone. Until you find a drone [para substituir], in Piauí, my friend? For the love of God”Whindersson said good-naturedly.

pandemic recording

About recording the new season during the pandemic, Tex explains that he had no problems. The director traveled with a small crew who, he said, filmed every episode without testing positive for covid-19. In addition to not facing cases of the disease in the team, the planning of the series also did not need changes.

Despite the positive production result, given the global health situation, Whindersson was not completely satisfied and explained why: “I like to call a lot of people, I like to go to town and call a guy from there who does this or that. So, this issue of not being able to include more people was difficult for me. If I know the situation is difficult at the place, I want to go there and generate jobs, call a guide or even the guy who drives the van. And we did not have, in this project, the autonomy to put more people to work, to respect the protocols against covid”.

The comedian also took a friend nicknamed manel for the series travels. Whindersson says this friend, who has dwarfism, made him reflect on the impact of certain jokes on people during a recording and again during recordings. “As I spent more time with him, I started to see so much going on in the guy’s life that we don’t notice. You start to have the sharpest look at everything”, he said. “Sometimes I arrive in some places in Brazil that the R$200 ticket that sells in the first week, while there are people who say they won’t be able to go to my show because they don’t have R$10 to pay for the ticket [mais barato]. Then I ask myself: Am I going to leave this city here never to be seen? Traveling through Brazil just makes me more willing to know more things and better understand all kinds of people that exist and give them a voice”, completed.

The second season of the series doesn’t open until next week, but YouTube will release an exclusive trailer this Friday (26). The full first season is available for free on Whindersson’s YouTube channel.