No More Heroes 3 the end of the series •

No More Heroes 3 is available from today and Goichi Suda left a message in which he reveals that this game is Travis’s farewell and the end of the series that started in 2007 on Wii.

In a message shared on social media, Suda writes that “this game is called No More Heroes 3 Final Bout: All-Out Galactic War or it was going to be called that, but the subtitle was too long and we ended up taking a tip from the Rocky series. and simply go on with No More Heroes 3,” jokes Suda.

“As suggested by the ‘Final’ part, Travis Touchdown will finally reach the end of his last battle and embark on a much-deserved long journey,” continued Suda as he hinted that the series ended.

“Goodbye Travis. Goodbye, No More Heroes. Goodbye, moments and days that slip away. Goodbye, to all Travis Touchdowns everywhere.”

The No More Heroes series became a cult series, followed by excited players who surrendered to Suda’s eccentric and occasionally mad genius. Now we have the farewell.

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