Norris escapes the wet track and destroys McLaren on the wall in a strong crash

Lando Norris crash in the F1 Belgian GP classification (Video: F1)

The rain that falls in Spa-Francorchamps this Saturday (28) claimed the first casualty at the start of Q3. Lando Norris had an impressive classification, even surpassing the candidates for the world title, but he escaped the track on the ascent of Eau Rouge in the final part of the session and filled the car on the wall. Despite the scare, Norris signaled to the team that he was fine.

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The training started to be postponed and had a rain break, which returned at the end of Q2. Norris was taking a lap to understand the track conditions and had just said that he had gotten a lot worse when he lost control of the car at speed. Norris tried to fix it, but he had nothing to do.

As with the worst accidents on that part of the track, Norris crashed at high speed and had the car spat back onto the track. This time, luckily, no one was around.

Norris was quickly attended to by the medical car and left alone (Photo: Playback/F1 TV)
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Despite the concern of a very ugly accident, Norris signaled that he was fine and was attended and taken by the medical car, which he entered alone. Still regretted. “Sorry, person, We should have something good here today. I’ve disappointed you, sorry.” The FIA ​​immediately raised the red flag.

Sebastian Vettel was also on the track for reconnaissance and had said moments before that there was no time-taking and that the race direction should give the red flag. When he learned of Norris’s crash, he was irritated. “What the fuck did I say? What did I say? Red flag, damn it. Unnecessary,” he said before asking if Lando was okay. The four-time champion stopped the car next to McLaren and warned that his colleague was fine.

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