One UI 4.0: what to expect from the next version of Samsung’s UI

Android 12 is the thread running through all the updated versions of modifications that exist out there and its imminent arrival pulls the tram for other manufacturers to also present their news. In the list of most awaited operating systems, One UI 4.0 stands out for giving life to Samsung smartphones, the favorite brand of Brazilians.

Information is still scarce about the modified Android being built at the South Korean manufacturer’s offices, but the opening of the gates for the beta phase could happen soon — according to a leaker on Reddit, the test version arrives halfway through of September. To kick-start predictions of what’s to come, the Canaltech gathered the main clues about the One UI 4.0.

One UI 4.0: release date

For now, there is still no information about the availability of One UI 4.0. The fact is that the beta version will be the first to arrive and, for it, there is a forecast of when (mid-September) and where (models of the Galaxy S21 line).

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This week, the benchmark results of a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G appeared on the web and, in its technical sheet, it was said to be running Android 12. The leak not only reinforces that the high-end will be the first to receive the system, but also that the tests will start shortly.

To participate in the beta, you must enroll in the trial program by clicking on a banner that will appear in the Samsung Members app. When will this link be available? It is not known. The deadline for the update has not yet been announced, so just wait.

One UI 4.0: new look

When it was presented at Google I/O 2021, Android 12 was described as one of the biggest visual renovations in the history of Robozinho. The new edition of the operating system introduces the Material You design language, filled with application icons that change according to the wallpaper and several other profound changes that bring greater harmony to the OS interface.

Native apps and basic functions of One UI must be rethought in the new version of the system (Image: Playback/Samsung)

A leak has already shown that Samsung’s system can be all driven by the dynamic theme, one of the most striking features of Android 12. Despite being a rumor, the expectation is that the varied palette is actually incorporated into the manufacturer’s mobile OS, precisely for being one of the most interesting news.

Despite that, Samsung should put its personal touch to the interface, so expect something that inherits elements of Google’s Android 12, but with the touches from the South Korean manufacturer that will set Samsung’s models apart from the crowd. How is it going to be? Only in the debut will you be able to check it out, but some old features of the One UI should be preserved in the transition.

Interesting One UI elements, such as displaying videos for calling contacts, can be preserved in the new version (Image: Playback/Samsung)

One UI 4.0: new features

Other interesting additions to Android 12 are the tools included in the system — and that set is the hardest to predict in One UI 4.0. Google, while creating a foundation for other distributions, typically lags behind in features.

However, you can still imagine that some functions will indeed be inherited from Android 12. The Privacy Panel, the information center that puts on the table which apps have accessed the device’s special permissions, should be present in the new version of One UI.

The current One UI already allows you to extract location information from photos before sharing them (Image: Playback/Samsung)

Warnings in the notification bar about using camera and microphone may also appear. Thus, the user can see, in real time, which apps use mobile components — and revoke permissions if any app is behaving strangely.

Providing approximate location, a feature also present on Android 12, should be present in One UI 4.0. Basically, the function serves to give users an alternative of not giving the application its exact position, but the region in which it is located.

Gotta wait for Android 12

Android 12 hasn’t been released yet, but it’s forecast to debut in September (or a little later), given Google’s official timeline. Over time, Samsung is expected to provide more information about its modification, including when its devices should receive the big update. Due to the imminent release of both systems, it’s good to stay tuned in CT to check out the top news and maybe be one of the first testers of One UI 4.0.

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