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Promotional action in the Fortaleza Liquida commerce of 2021, promoted by the Chamber of Store Directors (CDL) of the Capital, starts today, Friday, August 27th and continues until September 6th, involving 5 thousand commercial units in Fortaleza and the Metropolitan Region. Discounts will vary according to the tenants and can be up to 70%.

The promotional measure will carry out sweepstakes which include a Corolla Cross 0km, a truck full of awards and even 5 43-inch TVs. In addition to street stores, all commercial units within shopping centers in Fortaleza are participating in the promotional action.

“A real liquidation”, as defined by Assis Cavalcante, president of the CDL of Fortaleza.

The focus of the movement is to heat up local businesses for the upcoming commemorative dates and renew the remaining unsold inventories on the main retail dates in the first half of the year, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day.

Assis celebrates the 12th edition of the event and points out that this measure will not only be beneficial to the State’s retail sector, but also to maintain jobs by stimulating the sector.

“We will be able to guarantee the continuity of these jobs and capitalize our shopkeepers for the end of the year and make the economy turn around again,” he says. The retail representative also points out that the sector has “great expectations” for the flow of sales registered in this year’s action.

For Assis, the result should continue the growth registered on Father’s Day and express a “great panorama of what we can expect from year-end sales”.

The calculation of estimates, according to him, is not yet possible, but when asked about the amount that the stock should move, he reiterated that the expectation “is very positive”.

With a focus on encouraging participation in the event, through a partnership with the State Government, shopkeepers who participate in the Fortaleza Liquida action will be able to pay the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) in installments.

“They may pay ICMS related to taxable events occurring in the period of September 2021 in three monthly, equal and successive installments, maturing on October 20, 2021, November 22, 2021 and December 20, 2021, respectively” , details the decision of the Executive Power of the State that makes the measure feasible.

Shopkeepers, to enjoy the benefits, must adhere to the Fortaleza Liquida 2021 campaign in an “explicit” manner, as per the regulation of the measure published in the Official Gazette of the State. Also according to the document, the CDL will be responsible for sending the complete list of campaign participants to the Secretariat of Finance of Ceará (Sefaz) by September 10th.

They will only be entitled to ICMS installment payment, retailers registered only as “retail trade economic activity”, regularly registered in the Cadastro Geral da Fazenda (CGF). Thus, the list of participants must contain the taxpayer’s registration number with the CGF, its corporate name, and the business name of the establishment, with any subsequent alteration being prohibited.

How to register and participate in the Fortaleza Liquida 2021 draws?

>> When shopping between August 27th and September 6th, the consumer must ask if the establishment participates in the action;

>> At stores that are part of the campaign, for every R$50 in purchases, the consumer will receive a coupon to compete for the prizes;

>> If payment is made with a MasterCard branded card, the customer will receive an additional coupon; The same goes for card payments made at Rede or Rede Pop’s machines. Thus, if the three requirements are met, the customer can receive up to 3 coupons with R$50 in purchases.

>> After receiving the coupons, those interested in participating in the Fortaleza Liquida 2021 drawings must access the Fortaleza CDL website and register each ticket received in order to participate in the drawings.

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