Pedro tries to talk to Karina and she screams

Peter (Rafael Vitti) has the help of Snake (Felipe Simas) to enter the room of Karina (Rafael Vitti) and try to talk to her after the truth about the money he received from Bianca (Bruna Hamú) for dating in the next chapters of Fitness – Dreams, re-run by TV Globo.

Please let me explain”, asks Peter. Gael (Eriberto Leão) he hears the movement and shouts from outside the room: “Is everything okay there, daughter? What was this?”. Nothing, Dad! It was just a disgusting pigeon”, she screams as she cries. “Will you listen to me?”, questions the brother of Tomtom (Bianca Vedovato).

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Not!”, Karina answers and follows: “Who will hear me is you! You betrayed my trust. I believed you loved me.” “I love you”, says Peter. “Stop lying to me”, yells Bianca’s sister. “If I could go back, I would have done everything differently”, he says.

I also wanted to go back”, interrupts Karina. “I’ll do anything for you to forgive me”, speaks Peter. “I dove headlong into our relationship and you fooled me in the worst possible way. I thought you really loved me, that you got beaten up and serenaded because you liked me”, she shoots. So, how will this play out?

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