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Tonico (Alexandre Nero) will have a hard time in In Times of the Emperor. The villain will take the imperial entourage on a tour, in which everyone will be approached by Indians. Their leader will be Piatã (Clovys Torres), a character who was played by Rodrigo Simas in Novo Mundo (2017). The shaman will give a lesson and arrest the deputy. He will also be moved when he sees Dom Pedro 2º (Selton Mello) on Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

in the chapter scheduled to air on September 4th, the nobles will be apprehensive when they meet the indigenous people during the walk. To make matters worse, a fire will start to spread through the forest. Piatã and its people will believe that the invaders are responsible for the fire.

“We found it. Whites set fire to the forest,” will say Jacira (Valéria Alencar), another figure in the previous soap opera by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson. In 2017, India was played by Giullia Buscacio. “It wasn’t us! We didn’t set fire to the forest!”, Pedro will despair.

Teresa Cristina (Leticia Sabatella) will intercede and claim that her husband is the Emperor of Brazil. At that moment, the Indian girl will be shining: “Son of Don Pedro and Dona Leopoldina? Jacira and Piatã, friends of your parents!”

They will go to a safe place, and the Indians will explain how they became close to the Brazilian monarch’s parents, complete with flashbacks from the New World.

Greed of Farmers

“I’m sorry if the reception wasn’t the best. We’re looking for someone who’s been setting fire to the forest, trying to expel us from our lands,” explained Piatã. Tonico will try to justify: “Nobody set fire, I guarantee it. It’s the fault of the
bush, which is dry. It happens every year.”

Piatã will reprimand the colonel and say that this is an excuse for men who want to burn forests and increase farms. The shaman will tell that he had a vision that the nature of Brazil will need to be preserved for the people do not go thirsty.

Upon reporting this, he will drink a tea that will leave Ambrósio’s son (Roberto Bomfim) intrigued. The crook will ask for a drink and will be attended to. Due to the liquid, he will have a series of visions, which will show him as the new emperor of Brazil, a tyrant who does what he wants without thinking twice.

“What’s happening to him?” Pedro will ask. “He is seeing his deepest desires as if they were true,” the Indian will explain. The deputy will howl at the moon amidst his delusions. Jacira will laugh at the situation, but Teresa Cristina will be horrified: “I don’t even want to imagine what those desires are.”

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