Poor Vivi! Paolla Oliveira wins Super Dance of the Famous

This Friday (27/8) Globo recorded the grand finale of the Super Dança dos Famosos. And the column found out that actress Paolla Oliveira won the title of champion in this edition of the competition. The actress had already been champion of the frame in 2009. Now, she takes home another trophy. The final dynamic was focused on the great classics of American cinema and will be shown this Sunday (29/08).

Edition was marked by controversies with Viviane Araújo.

In the middle of the competition, Viviane Araújo had her teacher changed. At the time, rumors were that the actress was not satisfied with the work of the dancer, Adeilton Ribeiro. She denied it, and stated that the decision had been taken by the program’s direction.

Last week, Salgueiro’s drum queen went through a climate: the attraction’s judge, Luísa Sonza recalled that she was eliminated from the Dance of the Famous thanks to a low grade given by Viviane: “Vivi who took me out of the Dance of the Famous in 2019 She gave me 9.9. The grade I’m going to give today, I think I can understand…”, declared the singer. “Just kidding, I just wanted to give a little scare. You only gave me 9.9 because I didn’t even come close to what you did today, I don’t come close to the strength and brilliance you have here on stage”, praised Sonza.

Eliminated last Sunday (22/8), Vivi and her new teacher, Rodrigo Oliveira, stated that the actress suffered a lot of pressure from fans.